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Walking With Trees | Glennie Kindred


In Walking with Trees, Glennie Kindred takes us on an intimate and profoundly connecting walk with thirteen of our native trees. She leads us into their world and opens our hearts to their wonders, their perfection and their interconnectivity. This is a book about relationships and inter-relationships: our relationship with the trees, their relationships with each other and with the natural world around them, and the flow of our communal relationship, past and present, which affects us all as interconnected life on Earth.


Illustrated with the author’s exquisite pencil drawings, Glennie’s passion for trees is infectious, and she inspires us to look more closely, listen more intently and walk with trees more often. She shares her stories and encounters with trees and weaves together many ways to deepen our engagement with them: by growing them, harvesting and using them for medicine and food, through intuitive craftwork and meeting with them as part of our seasonal celebrations with Nature. She also encourages us to find our way into a more subtle relationship with the trees, as part of our journey to heal our fractured relationship with the Earth.


Walking with Trees is a heart-response to our present times, reminding us of our power to co-create beneficial change, and to help restore ecosystems with the help of the trees. This is a book of our time, as we come to recognise our deep interconnectivity with the natural world around us.


Published: Permanent Publications 2019

Walking With Trees | Glennie Kindred

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