Each ritual candle is made from coconut & rapeseed wax and has a carefully balanced scent, created using only essential oils.


Lunar & Wild Candles

    • For Love - Rose & Pink Pepper with additional notes of geranium, orange, cabreuva, mandarin, and mimosa.
    • For Peace - Lavender & Clary Sage with additional notes of Chamomile, Geranium & Bergamot.
    • For Protection - Cedarwood & Geranium with additional notes of patchouli, vertivert and ylang ylang.

    Burn time: Approx. 12-15 Hours
    ~ 50g

    • Burn for no more than 3-4 hours at a time.
    • A complete wax pool should be achieved within the first burn.
    • Keep the wick trimmed to 0.5mm to prevent smoking/ mushrooming of the wick and tunnelling.
    • Never remove any wax from the candle.
    • Avoid moving botanicals during the burn period to not alter the burn pool.
    • Never leave your candle unattended, keep out of reach from children and pets.
    • Do not burn near aquatic life.