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Ogham Sketchbook: A Diary of Tree Lore and Spiritual Growth | Karen Cater


In ancient times our Celtic ancestors devised a system, part alphabet, part calendar / zodiac, able to be carved using simple notches on to wood or stone. Each character was both a number and a letter. The consonants were time periods - mostly lunar months and the vowels were the Solstices or Equinoxes. Each symbol represented a tree or a shrub, around which grew an extensive mythology, recording historical and religious stories, the uses of each tree for both craftwork and medicinally, and a divinatory system similar to the Tarot. To the Celts, the whole landscape was alive with both meaning and wisdom - the Wisdom of the Trees.

As an artist, Karen Cater has explored Britain’s native culture: its customs, folklore, mythology, mysticism and traditions.Discovering the Ogham, Karen was enthralled and set out to produce a series of designs based on each Ogham symbol.Working in harmony with the landscape she made a pilgrimage to each tree, finding most within a short distance of her home. With mind and spirit open, she kept a diary of her experiences. Where would the trees lead her? Her unique magical journey unfolds through the pages of the Ogham Sketchbook.


Published: Hedingham Fair, 2011

Ogham Sketch Book | Karen Cater

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