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Rob Wildwood is a photographer, author, folklorist and spiritual tour guide for all things magic and faerie. We are so pleased to stock three of his wonderful books! 


Rob Wildwood Magical Books

    • Magical Places of Britain - embark on your own quest using the simple directions given and follow Rob's footsteps to discover the magical places of Britain.
    • The Land of the Fae | Merlin's Quest - along his way Rob is guided by the spirit of Merlin and by Faery Queen Maeve ... take up the quest and follow him into the land of the fae.
    • Primal Awareness - learn how modern technology and the modern world are causing the destruction of our natural environment and reconnect with the spirits of nature.
    • Magical Britain 650 Enchanted and Mystical Sites - from healing wells and secret shines to giant strongholds and fairy glens.


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