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Ginger Essential Oil 10ml



Ginger is very stimulating and warming. It acts as a digestive aid, warms the stomach and dispels wind. It is one of the best oils for nausea, motion or morning sickness. It stimulates appetite and improves digestion. Its warming qualities are also used in the treatment of colds and catarrhs, coughs, respiratory congestion, sinusitis and sore throats. It is diaphoretic and can be useful for treating feverish conditions. Ginger stimulates the circulation and can be added to a base oil to make a warming, rubefacient oil for rheumatism, arthritis, muscle aches sprains and strains. It boosts energy levels and can be used for nervous exhaustion, general weakness, malaise and fatigue.



Ginger 'energises' all magical works and may help focussing on the intent. It is used for courage and concentration. Its aphrodisiac properties make it well suitable for use in sex magic and tantric rituals. Ginger may also be included in love philtres and potions. It sensitises the third eye and can be used as an energy transmitter in spiritual healing.



A pungent, warm, fresh, sweet, spicy scent. Blends well with Vetivert, Patchuli, Frankincense, Ho-wood, Orange, Neroli and Amyris.

Star Child Ginger Essential Oil

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