Star Child Herbs | Mugwort

  • Mugwort 50g 

    A humble and inconspicuous herb, Mugwort is often regarded as a weed that makes its home in waste places and neglected plots. Since time immemorial Mugwort has been an important ritual plant.
    Mugwort has numerous wonderful healing qualities. Mugwort has a wonderful warming quality, which acts particularly soothing on the lower organs -kidneys, gallbladder, liver, stomach, and the female reproductive organs. It can be used to treat catarrh of the kidneys and bladder or any condition caused by cold (e.g. cold feet). A warming footbath will also help in such cases, just as it does to revive tired feet after a long day's walk. Do not use during pregnancy. Travellers wear it for protection and to benefit from its refreshing qualities. It is also used as a dream herb, either as a night cup or stuffed in a dream pillow. Native Americans revered their own species of Mugwort and used it in cleansing rituals and sweatlodges.