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Lughnasadh Space Aroma 5ml


1st August

The corn is ripening and swaying heavy with seed. It is a season of plenty. The promise of spring is coming to fruition. The dying sun has spent his power and burns off the last of his energy in the blazing heat of summer. Its power has gone into the ripening fruit and grains. Lughnasadh is the feast of the corn harvest. Like the Sun-God, the grain must die - a life-giving sacrifice that sustains us through the coming dark season. This year's seed will become next year's crop and so the cycle continues for another round. Lughnasadh is the last of the summer's feasts; the wheel is inevitably turning towards the dark half of the year. It is a time to reflect on the creative power of manifestation and the divine spark within.


Magical Infusions


Star Child magical infusions contain herbs, flowers, resins, barks and magical tokens collected at sacred sites from all over the world. They are prepared in accordance with the cycles of the sun and moon. The planets assigned to each type of oil indicate the ethereal nature of the special infusions added to the respective blends and thus provide a reference to their magical qualities.


Fire - Action, will-power, creativity, insight, initiative, courage, drive, enthusiasm.

Water - Feeling, sensitivity, psychic powers, receptivity, imagination, emotion, nurture, wisdom, love.

Star Child Space Aroma | Lughnasadh

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