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Meditation Space Aroma 5ml


A blend of sacred oils derived from plants traditionally associated with spiritual practices. Meditation Space Aroma is aimed at calming the mind and lifting the spirit beyond the boundaries of the physical world to the realm of the divine. It can sensitise spiritual receptivity and open the gates of perception. An ideal oil for meditation, pathworkings, yoga and spiritual, religious or magical practices.


Magical Infusions


Star Child magical infusions contain herbs, flowers, resins, barks and magical tokens collected at sacred sites from all over the world. They are prepared in accordance with the cycles of the sun and moon. The planets assigned to each type of oil indicate the ethereal nature of the special infusions added to the respective blends and thus provide a reference to their magical qualities.


Sun - Purification, self-realisation, creativity, confidence, communication with higher self.

Moon - Psychic sensitivity, self-reflection, fertility astral travel, visualisation, dream-work.

    Star Child Space Aroma | Meditation

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