Layered scented candles, uniquely crafted using pure aromatherapy oils.

Base: 6cm diameter, Height: 13cm.

Kuan Yin Eastern Female Buddha of divine compassion, exquisitely scented with lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang and storax blend.

Crystal Cave Green top layer - ho, cypress and vetivert. Yellow/orange - bergamot, geranium, cinnamon and storax. Pink - rose blend. Purple - frankincense and lavender.

Calling All Angels Mystic green - "wood" blend. White - sandalwood, cedar, frankincense and jasmine. Liliac/magenta - rose blend. Blue - lavender blend. Purple - cedar, vetivert and patchouli.

Christos Peace - A time to focus on peace. White - frankincense, ho-wood, Yellow - amber, Blue - myrrh, grapefruit, bergamot, Purple - lavendar & patchouli.

Touchfire Candles