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Ogham - The Wisdom of the Trees


In ancient times, our celtic druid ancestors devvised a system, part alphabet, part calendar, able to be carved usingsimple notches onto wood or stone. 

Each character was a number and a letter. Each symbol represents a tree or shrub, around which grew an extensive mythology, stories, the use of each tree for craftwork and medicine, and a divination system similar to the Tarot.


  • Hawthorn 13th May to 9th June
  • Holly 8th July to 4th August
  • Oak 10th June to 7th July
  • Wheatstraw 28th October to 24th November
  • Blackthorn The Dark Half of the Year
  • White Poplar 21st September Autumn Equinox
  • Apple The Light Half of the Year

Tree Ogham Cards

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